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    The SAPA Scholarship and Excellence in Education Program (the “SAPA Scholarship”) was established by the Sino-American Pharmaceutical Professionals Association (SAPA) in 1999. Founded in 1993, SAPA is a nonprofit tax-exempt professional organization headquartered in the tri-state (NJ-NY-CT) area and has become a major pharmaceutical professional organization with more than 4000 members and five Chapters in the U.S. and China.
    The primary purpose of SAPA Scholarship is to recognize and support educational excellence achieved by outstanding high school students, and to encourage the finest high school graduates to develop careers in life sciences.



    SAPA will award undergraduate scholarships to selected candidates, known as SAPA Scholars, in September for use during their college freshman year. The awards will be made on the basis of merits to those who have outstanding potential and intend to pursue careers in life sciences.

    Each scholarship awards a one-time fund of $1000 towards tuition payment. The Scholarship is merit-based and open to national competition. SAPA intends to award the Scholarship to at least two (2) qualified candidates each year. Applicants for the SAPA Scholarship must include in their application materials a statement of interest in pursuing a career related to life sciences.

    Examples of the educational plans are listed below:
    Undergraduate MajorCareer Objective Examples
    Applied ScienceMedical research
    Biochemistry/MicrobiologyClinical research in infectious diseases
    BiologyAgriculture/environmental science
    Genetic engineering
    Molecular Biology
    Biology/ChemistryBiomedical technology
    BotanyResearch in plant physiology
    Chemical EngineeringResearch in chemical kinetics
    ChemistryResearch in Medicinal chemistry Environmental chemistry
    Nutritional chemistry
    Environmental chemistry
    Computer ScienceArtificial intelligence research
    EntomologyResearch in ecology or entomology
    Environmental EngineeringResearch in hazardous waste treatment
    Environmental ScienceConservation ecology
    MathematicsBioinformatics or clinical statistics
    Mechanical EngineeringDevelopment of micro and nano-technologies
    MicrobiologyMicrobial genetics
    Molecular GeneticsAntiviral chemotherapy
    Physics/PhysiologyPharmacokinetics/Drug metabolism
    ZoologyZoologist/Organism physiology


    To be considered for nomination as a SAPA Scholar, a student must:
    • Be a high school senior who is planning to attend a full-time undergraduate program at an accredited four-year college/university with a major related to life sciences.
    • Have a minimum GPA of 3.3 and a minimum SAT score of 2000 or ACT score of 30.
    • Be a United States citizen, or a legal resident alien (please submit a photocopy of the Alien Registration Card).


    Required application material:
    1. An essay by the student describing why you want to pursue a life science related career (approximately 600 words).
    2. Two letters of recommendation from teachers who can discuss the nominee's potential for a career in life science related area (including a teacher in the applicant's field of study and another who can attest the nominee's potential).
    3. List of all awards received.
    4. List of Advanced Placement or Honors courses with grades.
    5. Transcripts.

    Please send ALL the application materials, including two SEALED recommendation letters, in ONE package to SAPA. Please do NOT send letters separately.
    Mail to: SAPA Scholarship Office
    P.O. Box 3228
    212 Carnegie Center
    Princeton, NJ 08543

    Application Deadline: May 30, 2015 (postmark).



    Selection Process: An independent review committee appointed by SAPA will evaluate all valid applications and recommend the most outstanding candidates for consideration by the SAPA Board of Trustees. Applicants who demonstrated great potential for and commitment to a career in life sciences and with outstanding academic performance will be selected as finalists. The Board of Trustees will name at least two SAPA scholars from the finalists. To receive payments, a SAPA Scholar must submit an acceptance letter of the Scholarship, and provide a direct deposit account at the attending college or university for SAPA to deposit scholarship payments. The payment will be made in September-October to the college or university ONLY.

    ONLY THE WINNERS WILL BE NOTIFIED BY MAIL. SAPA Scholars receive their awards in presentation ceremonies at the Annual Meeting of Sino-American Pharmaceutical Professional Association.

    May 30 Application deadline (postmark).
    September SAPA Scholars will be notified through email and/or phone call, and will be announced at the SAPA Annual Conference to be held in New Jersey on September 12, 2015.
    Sept.-Oct. Scholarship payments are directly deposited to the attending college or university.
    For more information, visit the SAPA website:

    Or contact us through email:

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