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Private Pre-scheduled One on One meetings:

Entrepreneurs, are you passionate about starting your own business? Are you in need of a platform of high visibility so you may deliver your creative ideas effectively? Investors, do you have sufficient information from potential startup companies? Are you in need of a pool of ingenious bio-medical talents so you may access their innovative projects?

To better serve our members, not only entrepreneurs and investors or corporate business development professionals, but also other potential partners, this coming 2018 SAPA annual conference offers special 1:1 sessions, designed to bridge the gap between the investors, corporate BDs, and entrepreneurs, so that more potential business partnerships in biotech and pharma, world widely, may be initiated. It will be held on Friday/Saturday, Oct 5-6th, from 1:30-5pm in the afternoon as parallel sessions. In each 25-minutes session of meeting, partners of interests may be arranged based on the requests to have an up-close dialogue. This brand new 1:1 direct communication opportunity will surely increase your networking and expand the dimensions of your business!

Interested parties please apply through the following links, due to space and time limitation, there will be a pre-selection process: (google form) (for those who do not have google access)

Once selected (will notify by email), you will have two options to attend:

1). VIP package, $300: 3 x 1on1 meetings + Two-day 2018 SAPA AC registration + Gala Dinner

2) 3 x 1on1 prearranged meetings, $150: prearranged

ServiceName Member Price Non-member price Student member price
VIP Registration 300.00 300.00 300.00
Three 1:1 meeting arrangement 150.00 150.00 150.00