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Join the Premier Career Event and Move to the Next Level –– 2019 SAPA Career Development Workshop (CDW)

Dear SAPA Members and Friends,
After a long and elaborated preparation, the SAPA Career Development Workshop (CDW) Planning Committee is pleased to unveil this year’s prominent program. We cordially invite you all to join us at the Novartis East Hanover campus on Saturday, May 11, 2019.
Unlike the CDWs in the past years, this program is better in both format and content in terms of depth and variety. We will address the common pain points in career development journey with insightful analysis and provides practical solutions. Followed the workshop program, you can also opt to join the cocktail and dinner reception at Fotia, the on-site Mediterranean restaurant to continue the dialogue and networking.
Open and read the attached program and you will get a flavor on this year’s flagship event.
Novartis is one of the largest global healthcare companies that provides solutions to address the evolving needs of patients worldwide. The SAPA Leadership and CDW Planning Committee would like to thank the generous support and collaboration from Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation.
Seating for both CDW program and receptions are limited. Advanced online registration and security clearance required.

1. Student and Post Doc - $50
2. Student and Post Doc & Dinner reception - $100
3. SAPA member - $100
4. SAPA member & Dinner reception- $150
5. General admission - $150
6. General admission & Dinner reception - $200

*Please show your ID&Student ID at registration table*

Registration is only available at:

Please DO NOT register at SAPA website!

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