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Department: Digital and Data Solutions

Position: IT Systems Engineer


The SAPA Digital and Data Solutions Department is integral to driving technological advancement within the organization. Serving as a central hub for all digital communications and data management, our department is instrumental in driving SAPA's operations forward. We oversee the development and maintenance of various digital platforms, including websites, email systems, and data repositories, ensuring seamless communication and efficient data handling across all levels of the organization. Committed to delivering cutting-edge solutions, we strive to enhance SAPA's technological capabilities to support its mission of advancing science, education, collaboration, and career development in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry. Join us as IT Systems Engineer and be part of our dynamic team dedicated to shaping the future of SAPA through digital innovation.

Specific functions and directions:

  1. Design, Development, and Management of IT Infrastructure:

    • Collaborate in designing essential communication tools like Google Workspace and the website.

    • Develop and maintain mailing systems and website platforms.

    • Optimize website architecture and performance for improved user experience.

    • Manage servers, networks, storage, security, backups, and performance monitoring.

  2. Solution Construction:

    • Design and develop solutions to enhance operational efficiency.

    • Ensure the effective utilization of SAPA’s internal information systems.

    • Collaborate with departments to develop process solutions for organizational functions.

  3. Development of Application Functions:

    • Plan, implement, and maintain various functional modules.

    • Conduct rigorous testing and troubleshooting for website functionality.

  4. Data Information Security:

    • Deploy and oversee internal and external information security systems.

    • Implement and monitor information management systems.

    • Ensure compliance with information security regulations, including spam filtering.



  • Enthusiastic and collaborative with strong research skills.

  • Meticulous, patient, and responsible.

  • Preferred skills: coding, IT background, website development.



  • Develop leadership and project management skills.

  • Gain expertise in website development and mail system operations.

  • Enhance teamwork and problem-solving abilities.

  • Collaborate with SAPA activity organizing committee.

  • Enjoy opportunities for professional growth and advancement within the organization. You can access training programs and workshops to further hone your skills.

  • Stay updated on job recruitment information.

Ready to make your mark in shaping the future of SAPA through digital innovation? Apply now to become an integral part of our dynamic IT Support team.

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