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SAPA Scientific Symposium

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The 2024 Scientific Symposium, a flagship event of the Sino-American Pharmaceutical Professionals Association (SAPA), will be held in-person on April 20th at Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. The early bird registration deadline is extended to April 8th. The theme of this year's symposium is "Innovation with Versatility: New Approaches from Benchtop to Bedside". 

Detailed Event Information can be found here: 


Agenda at a Glance

































Event Highlights


  • World-renowned leaders in the field, chasing the frontier of innovation


This year, we've curated a lineup of world-renowned scientists, visionary entrepreneurs, and esteemed leaders from top pharmaceutical companies, all ready to share their insights and perspectives.

Our morning plenary session boasts an impressive array of speakers:

  • Xiaorong He, PhD, MBA, SVP, Site Head Development US & Head of Global Development Science at Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

  • Zhichao Liu, Director of AI and Digital Innovation, Boehringer Ingelheim is the co-speaker with Xiaorong He.

  • Yang Qiu, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer at Duality Biologics.

  • Manisha Desai, PhD, MBA, Vice President of Drug Product Development at Bristol Myers Squibb.

  • Malaz Abutarif, PhD, MBA, Vice President, Global Head of Quantitative Clinical Pharmacology at Daiichi Sankyo Inc.


Dr. He and Dr. Liu will open up the symposium with an exciting talk on the exploration of new paradigms in transforming non-clinical safety assessment through innovative methodologies. Dr. Desai's presentation will center on the discussion of antibody drug conjugates, with a particular emphasis on catalyzing advancements in cancer therapy. Dr. Qiu will expound upon the manifold opportunities inherent in ADC development. Dr. Abutarif will discuss the dose selection for ADC Drug Development—— the use of population PK and exposure-response analyses to optimize dose in patients.

Afternoon Sessions

The afternoon will feature two parallel sessions led by prominent scientific leaders in their respective fields. Parallel session I will discuss new and advanced modalities of antibody-drug conjugates, AAV gene and cell therapeutics and beyond, covering the challenge and achievement in candidate discovery, and development. Session II will focus on the pivotal role of emerging platforms and novel technologies in shaping the future of clinical and medical development, fostering innovation and driving improved outcomes, and will include talk on,  "Leveraging Pharmacokinetic (PK) and Pharmacokinetic/Pharmacodynamic (PK/PD) Modeling for the Optimization of Dosages in Anti-infective Therapies" delivered by Dr. Jiajun Liu, Senior Pharmacokineticist from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).



















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  • One-on-one meetings to establish long-term connections


​​A UNIQUE feature of this event is: you will not only have the opportunity to speak to and learn from seasoned leaders with diverse pharmaceutical industry experience but also make 1:1 appointments with other industry professionals to strategically plan your networking and build more valuable connections. You’ll have the opportunity to plan the afternoon time strategically to maximize your experience of this symposium.


  • ​Interactive workshop about applying AI in real life


​​In addition, we will hold a hands-on workshop titled “Unlocking Generative AI: a practical guide for non-techies”. At this workshop, attendees will be able to delve into the foundations of AI, learn the art of prompt engineering with ChatGPT and other Large Language Models, and navigate the MidJourney basics with ease for creating images. Attendees will also be introduced to cutting-edge topics like video generation. This workshop is your gateway to understanding and harnessing the power of state-of-the-art Generative AI applications for work and life! This workshop has a limited capacity of 50 seats, available on a first-come, first-served basis and requires no technical background for participation.



In summary, this SAPA forum will offer, slated to be a confluence of cutting-edge technologies, versatile innovation platforms, emerging modalities & targets, and new clinical/medical approaches., It’s a space where positive energy will thrive, fostering collaboration among participants. With this event, we aspire to create meaningful impact within the communities we serve.​​​





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SAPA member will enjoy additional discount, see footnotes for details

**: 40% discount for student member from student price

***: 30% discount for SAPA member from standard price

*Workshop tickets cannot be purchased separately and are only available online before the booking deadline. 


Register your car for free parking before coming onsite for the event! Parking without a parking permit or outside their parking permit assignment will be subject to ticketing and/or towing. 


Parking Registration link:


Tips for Registration:

1. Early bird registration deadline: April 8th 2024, Regular registration deadline April 15th  2024.

2. Generative AI Workshop seats are limited. Maximum 50.

3. The Generative AI Workshop tickets cannot be purchased separately. They must be purchased together with the Scientific Symposium event ticket.

4. Active members, lifetime members, and corporate members please log into the SAPA account first to see the discounted tickets in person.

5. We encourage you to join SAPA as a member first and enjoy discounts and member benefits for a whole year, including discounts to attend additional SAPA events. $20 for one year student membership; $40 for one year regular membership and $300 for lifetime membership. 

6. To enjoy student discounts, please register using your “.edu” school email.

Registration link is

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We appreciate the support from the following sponsors:

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