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SAPA Career Development Workshop and Career Fair


Event Highlight


Are you a student or postdoc wondering how to secure your first job?


Are you a young or experienced professional contemplating the next career leap?


Are you a sponsor in search of talented employees and need to recruit?


Are you curious about how soft skills play a crucial role in propelling your career forward?


The pandemic has significantly influenced various facets of our lives, particularly our professional journeys. Lately, significant restructuring has been observed in big pharma and in many early-stage biotech companies to strategize for survival and expansion. As we are navigating through this challenging period, it's crucial to realign and prioritize our career development. SAPA will be hosting an in-person career development workshop (CDW) on March 2nd. This CDW will explore the values and ways of soft skills in advancing your career growth. Four industry and academic leaders (Ulrich Otte, M.S., Nisha Zaidi, Ph.D., Benjamin Freer, Ph.D. Teven Dranoff, Ph.D.) are invited to give keynote speeches that share insights on topics such as passion, skill, and curiosity in nurturing leadership. There will also be two parallel sessions focused on topics including leadership and job search. These will offer diverse guidance and practical tools/skills to participants ranging from students to veterans in the pharmaceutical/biotech job market.


A parallel career fair (CF) will include large pharmaceutical companies such as Bristol-Myers Squibb, Merck, and Regeneron, as well as a number of small/mid-sized companies, such as Aucta, providing participants with many opportunities to learn about their favorite companies and establish connections with potential employers.

If you are a young newcomer to the workforce, you will have the opportunity to find a job quickly through this event. If you're an experienced professional, you'll have the opportunity to reframe and prioritize your career while learning about important soft skills like kindness and working well with others. If you're an entrepreneur or human resource professional, you have the opportunity to find really great talent to help grow your business!

A UNIQUE feature of this event is:  you’ll not only have the opportunity to speak with successful managers with diverse experiences in the pharmaceutical industry to discuss the value of soft skills and opportunities for career development, but also through the online schedule system appointments with other professionals to experience 1:1 personal meeting to strategically plan your networking and build more valuable connections.


As a tradition of CDW, SAPA photographer Dr. Dexi Yang will continue to take profile pictures for attendees. Please come prepared with a decent haircut and dark colored business attire. You must book a slot upon registration as only 12 slots are available, first come first serve.


The details of CDW and CF can be found in the following link to CDW Brochure.



Event Registration

CDW and CF Time: 

March 2, 2024

9:00 am – 5:00 pm



Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School,

     675 Hoes Lane West, Piscataway, NJ 08854

Space is limited, please secure your seat by registering using the link below!


Regular Registration Deadline: 

February 24, 2024

Price for Online Registration :



1. For regular SAPA member and student member, please login to your account before register for the event. A discount will be automatically applied to the ticket price after login.  

2. Please register your car for free parking before coming onsite for the event. Parking without a parking permit or outside their parking permit assignment will be subjected to ticketing and/or towing. 

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Price for Onsite Registration

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Event Agenda and Speakers

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