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Department: Global Communication

Position: WeChat Public Account (SAPA官方微信公众号)Manager


SAPA Communication Department is the voice channel of SAPA headquarters and all chapters, and is an indispensable core function for the operation of SAPA organization. The Communication Department is responsible for the promotion, reporting, interviews and news releases of all activities. We own multiple media platforms such as WeChat official account, website, Email, LinkedIn, Newsletter etc. It is committed to producing the highest quality content, providing the most timely SAPA and industry updates, so as to enhance SAPA’s influence and business value, and serve SAPA’s mission: To enhance the science, education, collaboration and career advancement in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry. The SAPA Communication Department is recruiting talents with passion to join the group as a Wechat Public Account Manager.


As the platform with the largest attention and subscriptions of SAPA, the SAPA WeChat public account is responsible for the announcement and publishing all activities from the SAPA headquarter (NJ) and ALL 6 chapters (Great Philadelphia, DC, New England, Connecticut, Mid-West and China). The contents include promotion of SAPA upcoming events, news releases, interviews, and professional articles to enhance SAPA’s overall influence, user experience, and business value.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:  

  1. To market and promote SAPA activities including SAPA events promotion and summary, interviews with Executives from Biotech or Pharmaceutical companies, and professional reviews on specific health care related topics.

  2. To ensure close communication with the SAPA event committee, participate in event promotion planning discussion and contact important subject matter experts across different departments, and follow up the event preparation process in real-time.

  3. To participate in developing, planning and promoting new SAPA functions such as Public Relationships, Marketing, Business Development. To expand and build other media functions/ applications within the WeChat Public Account platform, such as designing and decorating new homepage, and setting up SAPA video account.



  1. Detail-orientated person with a patient mindset, a strong sense of responsibility with superb teamwork spirit.

  2. Marketing, Public Relationship or Business Development experience is preferred but NOT required.

  3. Previous text typesetting experience, art decoration experience, and/or strong content and creative planning capabilities are recommended but NOT required.

  4. Strong learning ability, and working experience on WeChat public account is preferred but not necessary (We will provide one-to-one teaching even if you have no or little previous experience).

  5. New members will be led by senior members to learn and master the production, arrangement, and decoration of WeChat articles.


Time Commitments:

  1. Time commitment varies by how many articles we publish.

  2. Can be divided among multiple volunteers for the duration of the event.



  1. Direct contact with the personnel from SAPA’s various geographical chapters across the whole America and China, which can easily help the team member to enrich network resources.

  2. Have the first hand on the latest new industry jobs before the public.

  3. Follow up the preparation process of SAPA activities in real-time, and get the latest news from interested companies, people and activities at the first time.

  4. Participate in large-scale event planning and publication, accumulate new media operation skills, marketing experience and can exercise leadership skills.

  5. Have a signature on the article, create a personal brand, and expand contacts.

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