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Department: Global Communication

Position: Website Designer


SAPA Communication Department is the voice channel of SAPA headquarters and all chapters, and is an indispensable core function for the operation of SAPA organization. The Communication Department is responsible for the promotion, reporting, interviews and news releases of all activities. We own multiple media platforms such as WeChat official account, website, Email, LinkedIn, Newsletter etc. It is committed to producing the highest quality content, providing the most timely SAPA and industry updates, so as to enhance SAPA’s influence and business value, and serve SAPA’s mission: To enhance the science, education, collaboration and career advancement in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry. The SAPA Communication Department is recruiting talents with passion to join the group as a Website Designer.


This position will be part of the website management team and will work on constructing and publishing event information and SAPA news with artistic design in a timely manner through collaboration with event organizing committees and event communication team.


  • Construct event promotion pages and event summary pages with given material using professional software

  • Work in collaboration with IT team to build SAPA website subsections/substructures with creativity and artistic design

  • Take part in the cross-functional collaboration to support the workflow of the event promotion



  • Required:

    • Eligible candidate must be an active SAPA member or willing to become an active SAPA member upon joining

    • Fast learning

    • Strong sense of responsibility, responsive to complete assignment timely and reliably

    • Creativity

    • Independence

    • Attention to details

    • Cross-functional collaboration skills

  • Preferred:

    • Previous experience with website building or desire to learn

    • Previous experience with art design

    • Multitasking and time management skills


Time Commitments:

Pre-event and Post-event:

  • 3-5 hours per week for a period of 1 month for the event project assigned



  • In addition to the general volunteer benefits:

    • Learn skills including but not limited to graphic design

    • Participate in large professional event planning and publicity, accumulate experience in cross-functional teamwork, and exercise leadership and other soft skills

    • Closely follow up the preparation process of the event in SAPA in real time, and get the latest news of the companies, people, events, and career development opportunities you are interested in at the earliest time

    • Leadership opportunity to accomplish a project with other volunteers.

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